sculpture, installation
Galerie Krokus, Bratislava, 2010
1 pair of silicon feet, white, hollow inside, weight approx. 600 grammes per foot, edition of 3

nothing but ghosts is inspired by a film cliché: A body hiding behind a curtain. In the case of the installation nothing but ghosts there is no body concealed behind the curtain. The silicon feet that peep out from under the curtain conjur up this body at first glance while simultaneously marking its absence. The casts on display in the exhibition space are of my own feet: an expression of my desire to be present at the exhibition. The installation engages with this act of being caught indulging in inverted voyeurism. The title is taken from the book of the same title by Judith Hermann. Nothing but ghosts doubles me, behind the scenes and on the art stage, or leaves behind a sculpture in the art space: my silicone-molded feet.