Posters in public space
text excerpt from "compact(her)story in 18 rooms", german, Miriam Bajtala 2020 / 2021

In the exhibition Miriam Bajtala subjects her own past to an experimental act of visualization and actualization. The starting point are reconstructions of the floor plans of the apartments in which the artist lived - a spatial curriculum vitae. On the basis of these graphic templates, she created 18 text miniatures for each apartment, reduced to the essentials. On the one hand, the text raises different sociological questions about social origin, working class, migration, on the other hand, dissociative cracks arise with regard to shame, anger and other feelings.The written ends where her life as an artist begins.

In a further step, Bajtala links the exhibition space with the neighboring public space. Text excerpts on poster stands, set up around the art space and in the village, give passers-by an immediate glimpse into a memory that is unknown to them.

Buch in der Auslage vom Kunstraum Weikendorf ©Joanna Pianka
Buch in der Auslage vom Kunstraum Weikendorf ©Joanna Pianka