duration: 19:12 min. / DCP-File / english with german and english subtitle
voice: Anat Stainberg // idea / concept / camera / editing: Miriam Bajtala
distributor: sixpackfilm

The starting point of the film first scenery are diary-like video recordings - outdoor spaces, animals, people, atmospheres - that were filmed during a trip to Mallorca. Miriam Bajtala shows beautiful pictures, re-contextualizes and engages them in a dialogue. Image and text come together in a strange way. The voice of the soundtrack belongs to a woman named Mirka, who follows the ideas of memory and image production during the film. Seemingly simple questions are asked that do not find obvious answers. The sentence "What does being home mean to you?" are placed in the black of the film.
With this film Miriam Bajtala begins a series that deals with the possibilities of narrative. How can she remember, locate, find language, ... in documentary and fictional formats? In the next landscape, which she anticipates here in the pilot run, "image and voice will coincide" and "the lips will move in sync with the text". The questions in the film which are borrowed from the novel „gehen, ging, gegangen" by Jenny Erpenbeck, she will use differently, possibly as an interview or short feature film or she will work with lay people.

Diagonale catalog:
Photos — cats, people, basketball courts — taken during a trip to Mallorca: all enter into dialogue with the narrator on the soundtrack as well as with faded in fragments of text. First Scenery # MIRKA weaves us into the film and makes tangible our role and that of the images in the processes of telling and remembering. (Alejandro Bachmann)

see below, extract of the video