im Rahmen von “Kabinenschau” kuratiert von section a
im Kalmusbad, Klagenfurt vom 21.04. - 06.05.2012
Performer: Caroline Decker

In a live performance Miriam Bajtala makes visitors to the exhibition an integral element of her work by having them participate in her ideas for and associations with the themes of the exhibition. 'Talking it over' becomes the actual form of artistic expression. The speech, with the gesture of "having the artist represented" — at the opening a performer adopts the role of the artist — engage with the issue of forms of representation and artistic self-presentation.
(press releasse, Kabinenschau)

Cabin (from outside): The concept for the work die Rede [the speech] was inspired by a specific image: a long queue of people, structured by a cordon. The cordon leads to the entrance of cabin 15. Visitors wanting to see what is happening in the cabin line-up in an orderly queue. Only one person can enter the cabin at a time. Nobody leaves the cabin. There is a rear exit.
Cabin (inside): The performer Caroline Decker is in the cabin. She begins her speech when the visitor enters the space. The speech continues until the visitor decides to leave the space or until the speech has been completed.
The speech: The speech is formal, like a representative speech at an exhibition opening, and directed at a large audience. It is about my engagement with the Kabinenschau project — the different ideas, approaches, research, discarded ideas and difficulties I had with the project in general — and how I arrived at the concept of having a six-minute speech instead of showing an artwork in the cabin.